“X never, ever marks the spot”

(Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – Lucasfilm/Paramount)

Having now settled in to the planning team at No 5 Barristers Chambers (based in London) it’s about time I made like Indy in the Map Room of the lost city of Tanis (above) and brushed some dust off…

I make no comment on whether this blog will let you use the Staff of Ra to find the Well of Souls (and there the Ark of the Covenant) but what you will be able to do is find comment and observations on developments in planning law, planning policy/guidance and similar matters.

Check back soon.


Get Away From Your Computer

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been sat at mine writing blogs for you all.  It’s because you’ve all been keeping me astonishingly busy with a phenomenal volume of work (for which I am very grateful – thank you all very much!).  But a side effect is that I just can’t get back to blogging as much as I would like.

Hang on – you lot aren’t keeping me occupied just so I don’t put up posts on here, are you?

So it’s an odd thing for me to get back to blogging and the first thing I say is ‘get away from your computer’.  Why would I say that?

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The Lost Boys and Normal Service

Well it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post here on planningblog.org.  In the past few months I’ve been kept unbelievably busy (and away from this blog) by a combination of professional and personal commitments.

One of those personal commitments has been a training regime for a charity bike ride (for the British Heart Foundation) on which I set off tomorrow.

I (and a number of other like-minded fools) will be cycling from London to Paris, off-road, in just three days.  That’s right – an off-road bike ride from London to Paris.  Setting off on Saturday and (in theory) arriving at the Palace of Versailles sometime on Monday afternoon.  So you can see why getting ready for that has occupied me somewhat…

If you want, you can find more details on the ride here.

Or, if you really wanted, you could sponsor me here.  That would be great, but don’t feel obliged.  With a special mention to my very good friends at SEOG who have very kindly and generously donated already!

And once I’m back – and able to walk properly again – normal service will be resumed on planningblog.org.



How Wrong Can You Be?

Recently Captain Pickles was again displaying his ignorance.  Now, I read the Brentwood Bruiser’s latest speech with a mixture of bemusement and confusion, but my overriding thought about the current incumbent of the post of SoS for C&LG was “you just don’t get it, do you?” Read more of this post

Blankety Blank

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, the time in between being filled with two main matters of substance; firstly getting certified by the Bar Council for Direct Public Access and secondly a seemingly disproportionately large number of briefs arriving for me where I am being instructed extremely late in the day (and sometimes after the dis-instruction of previous Counsel).

In reality, the late delivery of briefs is a quintessential part of Read more of this post

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