The Lost Boys and Normal Service

Well it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post here on  In the past few months I’ve been kept unbelievably busy (and away from this blog) by a combination of professional and personal commitments.

One of those personal commitments has been a training regime for a charity bike ride (for the British Heart Foundation) on which I set off tomorrow.

I (and a number of other like-minded fools) will be cycling from London to Paris, off-road, in just three days.  That’s right – an off-road bike ride from London to Paris.  Setting off on Saturday and (in theory) arriving at the Palace of Versailles sometime on Monday afternoon.  So you can see why getting ready for that has occupied me somewhat…

If you want, you can find more details on the ride here.

Or, if you really wanted, you could sponsor me here.  That would be great, but don’t feel obliged.  With a special mention to my very good friends at SEOG who have very kindly and generously donated already!

And once I’m back – and able to walk properly again – normal service will be resumed on



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