The Opening Gambit

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This blog will detail and discuss various matters related to planning and planning enforcement as I can/am interested in.  I’ll also touch on other areas that interest me, for example confiscation proceedings and how these can be used successfully to extend or enhance the reach of planning enforcement.  Or how other aspects of criminal law can be used to extend the limits of planning enforcement. Or when a dwellinghouse is not a dwellinghouse.  Or what I think the pros and cons of the Brentwood Bruiser’s next brilliant idea(s) might be.  Or anything, really.

Sometimes maybe even the odd special feature on favourite biscuits at Inquiry.

You can search for posts on topics by typing in the white box at the top right of this page and clicking “Go” or alternatively click on any of the tags (to the right) that interest you.

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About Scott Stemp
Planning, regulatory and environment barrister

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